Company Profile


       Founded on April 15 2002, Xiamen Wellsonic Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen Fujian Province, a beautiful coast city of South China. As a professional manufacturer of acoustic components, Wellsonic supplies Unidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone, Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone, Noise Cancelling Electret Condenser Microphone, Speaker, Receiver, Music Headphone, Phone Headset and Aviation Headset, etc. We can also accept OEM or ODM for our customers. Our products are widely used in Mobile Telephone, Wire Telephone, Video Phone, Car Telephone, VOIP, interphone, ZWD, sound monitor, Burglar Alar, Electroacoustical Alarm, Tape Recorder, Fax Machine, Hearing Aid and other audio control equipments. 


    A new interpretation of LED and a good way to upgrade traditional lighting application, Wellsonic LED adopts high-quality chip with unique imported heat radiation materials, patented interchangeable base and perfect thermal conductive design to lead a new LED trend in high-tech field.
   Wellsonic LED is widely applied in: shop, craftwork display, jewelry exhibition, stage, hotel, residential house and other application. LED are suitable for each lighting fixtures, whether traditional complex fixture or modern lighting. Long lifetime, lower energy consumption and energy saving features make our products well-received in the international market.